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Persuasive Strategies Analysis
Olivia Seeney
Regent University In order to more effectively relay public health messages those who participated in this study are comparing the reliability of using testimonials to relay messages to their audience versus the more traditional informational healthcare persuasive techniques. The article, written by Julia Braverman, begins by defining some of the key similarities and differences for the two techniques, testimonials and informational messages, being examined in this experiment in order to distinguish the two from one another during the testing period. For the most part it seems that testimonial is personal, while informational is professional. Some studies had already been done through examining literature and the results that arose from this type of examination
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Each of these strategies were imperative to determining which of the two methods of persuasion being examined in this article were more effective. By looking at the separate branches of the ELM determines how involved a member is and how this affects the way people receive the persuasive messages. Central route processing allows people who are more invested in a subject to be more persuaded by informational messages such as the ones displayed in the article. Peripheral route processing however, causes people who are less invested in the message to be more persuaded by testimonials. The likert-scale seemed to be an effective way to measure this information because it allowed people to speak what they felt through a variety of provided options. Knowing the information that they gained from this study will help those who are trying to persuade people through testimonials and informational methods to decide which option would be the best depending on the audience that they are trying to
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