Example Of Pluralism In Religion

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What is Pluralism?
Comprehending it through religious experiences.
Aileen F. Santiesteban
West Coast University

This paper offers an educated understanding of pluralism. It will explore the commonly accepted meaning of the word in comparison to how the writer defines and understands it. It will further examine pluralism and how it relates to religion and religious oppression at different times in history. Lastly, it has been stated that, "Pluralism is the greatest philosophical ideal of our time." This paper will look at this statement and whether the writer backs or contests the statement. Specifically, this paper will look at institutional course, history, current events, and the media to support its stance. All
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That is because acceptance is not a must but it is in fact and accomplishment. Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in the 1800s. However, due to lack of acceptance Smith followers, known as Mormons, were persecuted by traditional Christian denominations. These Christians sole purpose for their persecution was their lack of acceptance for Mormonism’s teaching; instead they deemed the teachings “unconventional and unacceptable in American society” (Koppelman, 2017). The faiths promotion of polygamy for example was highly distasteful to other Christians whom promoted monogamy. The persecution of the members of Mormonism’s was most evident in churches like the one in Ohio where member were “attacked and forced to leave, eventually settling in Nauvoo, Illinois” (Koppelman, 2017). Taking Mormonism’s trials as an example, it is clear that pluralism in religion signifies a dynamic pursuit of understanding of diverse beliefs in order to fully accept and…show more content…
Pluralism does not necessitate us to abandon our identities and/or commitments. This is proof that pluralism is not doctrine, but the happenstance of promises. It means holding our deepest disparities, even our religious variances, not in segregation, but in correlation to one another. This is why pluralism IS the greatest philosophical ideal of our time, because idealism is cannot be forced it must be pursued, learned and accepted, but this particular form of idealism has already proven to work. Today Mormonism does not make the list for the world major religions, but it has been accepted, and its followers are no longer persecuted. Such an accomplishment could not have been obtained without the philosophical ideal of religious
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