Example Of Privatization In America

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The economy is such a complex system in our current society. Over the years, we have gone though many economic recessions and inflations. The majority of people would consider United States economic states as a capital system but is infused with socialist attributes. Capitalism is an economic system in which privatization occurs through laws of the free market competition. Privatization is a process of private owners making a profit through trade. Socialism advocates the basic need for all citizens. This theory encourages distribution and exchange to be shared among the entire community. The economy develops through citizens working. There are several types of work such as informational, knowledge, and service work and telecommuting. I would say the majority of today’s society in America, are in service work. Some service work includes education, entertainment, banking, construction, legal services, media, restaurants (including fast food), retail, and health care. These jobs help the community and society continue on. Our jobs collaborate together every day and we are dependent of each other.…show more content…
There will be no money exchanged. Instead, citizen of my perfect society will provide their skills out of the kindness of their hearts. For example, teacher would teach students and in the long run, these students could potentially be doctors or engineers. This can help my society for the future. Children will learn
Hossain 2 and socialize among the community. They will learn good morals like respect and honesty from others. The economic state of my perfect society would be shown through generosity and unselfishness. My citizens aren’t obligated to repay back what they took. Everything is meant to be
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