Example Of Professionalism In Communication

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The key to all understand is based on one commonality. No, it is not based on how vast your brain measures or how well you can decipher calculations. But it is based on how you communicate. Communication by definition is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Communication is the way that we embrace our point of view as we pass it on to others and to the universe. When communication is effective your point of view is clear concise and your thought pattern is direct. However, if your communication is ineffective then you can be flamboyant with your thoughts, your point of view varies and there is a barrier built to avoid open-minded thinking. As we mature, we learn different ways to communicate effectively. Some methods we take heed to and others we ignore; nevertheless, the knowledge is firmly rooted in our genetic make-up. Despite the countless times we may fail to adhere to effectively communicate, it is an innate skill that we communicate whether we want to or not.…show more content…
Professionalism is indeed like the gravitational pull of the earth; keeping us holistically stable as we venture through various businesses. Professionalism and the lack thereof can result in the propelling or stagnation of any individual. The choice is yours to develop this skill in your area of work.
Physiological barriers, language barriers, and psychological barriers are all hinderances or obstacles found in communication. Each unique in its own way the barriers creates a disconnect between the sender and
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