Psychotherapy Reflection

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When the therapist arrived at client’s school for the weekly individual psychotherapy session, client greeted therapist. The client reported that he is happy because nothing negative happened during the week and he likes to spend time with the therapist doing the coloring activity and the paper handicraft, as well as talking with the therapist about his week. The client added that he feels exited as the next week will be the spring break and there is no homework or school, so he does not have to wake up early. The client reported that this week was happy and calm as it was a good week and less arguments or conflict with his younger brother. The client reported that he felt sad two times last week as he went over three small arguments with his…show more content…
The client reported that during the third situation, his brother was trying to push him and the client was trying to defend himself by controlling his brother as he reported that he does not like to push him back as the client is stronger than his younger brother and he is afraid to hurt him. The client reported that he had a discussion with his mother about how his brother is pushing him when he wants to do something in force and why the client is not pushing his brother back, client reported that he told his mother that because he is younger than me and he doesn 't want to hit his brother strongly, so he can hurt his brother or he can feel…show more content…
When the therapist psychoeducated the client about the fears and how the client can rationalize the negative fears to stop it to reduce his anxiety, client reported that he still needs some exercises to continue practice how to stop the fears thoughts. When the therapist suggested that the client can write all illogical thoughts related to the fears or anxiety and he can bring it to discuss it and practice how to stop it, the client reported that he will write all of them by next week to discuss it. When the therapist encouraged the client to practice some of the coping skills that he may do it to avoid the consequences, the client chose breathing and counting, then think about choices, and finally act out the best choice. When the therapist role model the concept with the client about managing anger, client reported that he would remember to use it and think about it and use the coping skills when he gets angry because of his
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