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According to Ritchie and Lewis (2003), qualitative research is a type of scientific research that focuses on generating meaning and understanding through rich description. It can be a particularly useful approach as it focuses on the quality of the experiences trying to describe or understand the essence or nature of human experience. Qualitative research typically works to achieve different goals and uses different methods and designs. Qualitative research is especially effective in exploring, describing and interpreting data (Ritchie & Lewis, 2003).
Qualitative research was deemed best for this study because it is typically more flexible as it enables a sense of freedom between the researcher and the participants (Ritchie & Lewis, 2003). Qualitative research is suitable for this study as it conveys information with the detail and attentiveness needed to accurately collect data. Furthermore, the qualitative approach was used due to the fact that majority of the research on this subject was done using quantitative method. The aim of this study is to examine how migrant African women in Ireland perceive westernised ideals of feminine beauty. Braun and Clarke (2006) states that qualitative semi structured interviews have the capability to achieve such depth.
Type of Design
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Therefore, an interview schedule (Appendix 1) was drawn up with major themes and questions under each theme. The themes were obtained from the literature review. The individual, semi-structured interview was beneficial for this study as it allowed the interviewer to give explanation if necessary and leave out questions that appeared redundant to a particular participant. Additionally, semi structured interviews were also appropriate as the researcher was able to change the wording and rearrange the questions to suit each participant (Ritchie & Lewis,
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