Example Of Realism And Regionalism In 'Luck Of Roaring Camp'?

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For this essay I had to read several short stories that showed examples of realism and regionalism and from those stories I had to pick six of them and talk about them in this article showing how two of them were more realism, two that were more regionalism and two that were both equally realism and regionalism, however before talking about the stories I must tell you what is regionalism and realism. Well regionalism is a certain way the setting is described so that you know its in a certain place. It could mention a place, the scenery or even a unique thing the place has that nothing else has. Realism is the way the story is written to make it feel real like a disaster or describing something in detail to feel like your their in the person 's shoes. Now that you understand realism and regionalism we can now start the discussion of the stories I analyze for realism and regionalism. While i was looking for two stories to use for more regionalism I found that the stories “Luck of roaring camp” and “The Apostate” both had quite a bit of regionalism at least more than realism due to the fact they have little realistic situations described. When i looked at “Luck of roaring camp” i notice the quotes “The camp lay in a triangular valley between two hills and a river.” And “ In that rare atmosphere of the Sierra foothills,—that the land on either side of the mountain wall that surrounded the camp they duly pre-empted.”. The quotes shows regionalism by describing the camp and the

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