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Describe your current primary responsibilities as they have changed over the past 2 weeks.
My supervisor has assigned me more caseloads and had me to finish the documentations within a certain period of time after evaluations and treatment sessions.

Briefly discuss the quality of your supervision. How has your supervision changed over the past 2 weeks (consider factors including the frequency of your meetings, the severity of the clients’ conditions, and your abilities)?
My supervisor assigned me to work with patients who has hip and knee total arthroplasty recently by myself. I need to have my confident and know how to maintain my body in the right position to protect my body as well as my patients during functional transfers. I help them from sitting to standing and from one place to another follow hip or knee precautions as most of the patients have a hard time for ambulation. In addition, I need to educate patients to avoid certain movements to reduce the risk of dislocating their new hips when they perform daily activities before the muscles and tendons around the new joint have healed. Moreover, my supervisor allowed me to work with PT together to see patient bedside.
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Moreover, I was able to problem solve quickly about what kind of treatment activities and adaptive equipment I should offer to patients. In addition, I was able to communicate with other disciplines about patient’s situation after seeing the patients. My supervisor always critiques and provides me feedback whenever he has time.

List the date/times and topics discussed when meeting with your supervisor (add rows as

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