Example Of Rhetorical Analysis Beyonce

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Have you ever gone through a breakup that shattered your entire world? If someone goes through a breakup, they typically go through a mix of emotions. Emotions define who we are even though some people may want to delete those feelings because they cause an issue. Those issues can include depression, bipolar disorder, and/or anger issues. One emotions that can cause these bigger complications is bitterness. After a breakup, everyone may experience bitterness, but how he or she deals with the specific stimulus can be completely different. In order to understand how a woman might act in spite of the anger she feels, Beyoncé supports a symbol using diction and repetition. Through the repetition of the lyrics, “to the left, to the left,” a symbol for what is literally happening is pointed out. In the context, the author uses diction to refer to what may actually be occurring. “Left” has a denotative meaning of the direction in which an object…show more content…
While talking to him, she emphasizes, “How I’m such a fool, talking about / how I’ll never ever find a man like you / you got me / twisted / you must not know ‘bout me / you must not know ‘bout me.” Choosing the word fool instead of idiot or something more offensive allows Beyoncé to further her explanation and clarify why she is being called a fool and how exactly she is not. She also makes the decision to use the word twisted. Denotatively, this word could mean being removed from original shape. Connotatively, twisted is being used as a synonym for bitter. Beyoncé is trying to tell him that she is hostile. Irritated with him not only because he cheated, but also because he is trying to blame her for his own mistakes. By repeating, “you must not know ‘bout me,” her tone becomes more bitter in the sense that he still does not understand they are over for
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