Example Of Satire In Candide

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Voltaire’s Candide takes us through the life and development of Candide, the protagonist. Throughout his adventures, he witnesses many travesties and sufferings. Like many Enlightenment philosophers, Pangloss, Candide’s tutor, is an optimist; this philosophy was adopted by many to help mask the horrors of the eightieth century. Pangloss teaches Candide that everything happens for a reason. Voltaire uses satire, irony and extreme exaggerations to poke fun at many aspects; such as optimism, religion, corruption, and social structures within Europe. Candide begins to realize that life is not always as it seems. The most prevalent use of satire is demonstrated by Pangloss, the optimist. His philosophy is that they are living “the best of all possible worlds” and that everything happens for a reason. Candide and his tutor are a perfect example of blissful ignorance. Candide, being very young and moldable, believed that Pangloss was the most insightful and intelligent philosopher in the world, but his faith in his mentor is tested throughout the story. One of the first examples of this philosophy is when Candide discovers Pangloss contracted syphilis from Paquette. Pangloss goes on to explain that syphilis was brought to America via Christopher Columbus, and without bringing syphilis, he wouldn’t also not haven been able to bring many important goods such as chocolate. Tracing the origins of syphilis back to Columbus proved pointless, but Candide convinces himself that syphilis
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