Example Of Servant Leadership

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Servant Leadership Have you ever wondered what does servant leadership mean? In simple words, a servant-leader is the leader who wants to develop his own business for the good entire society. The phrase “ servant leadership was coined by Robert k. Greenleaf when he said “ The servant-leader is servant first.Great leader is seen as a servant first, Princess Diana, and Angelina Jolie are simple examples for the servant leaders because they both have healing, empathy, and awareness in their characters. Healing characteristic relates to the emotional health and wholeness of people, and involves supporting them both physically and mentally,and both women Daina and Jolie are healness. Princess Diana has visited cancer-stricken children and provided support to them and their families, one of her most important efforts was to set up a charity store to sell her clothes in New York. Since she was appointed United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 1999, Jolie has committed herself to every country hit by tragedy or poverty. She has traveled to many countries including Pakistan, Tanzania, Djibouti and other third world countries suffering from humanitarian crises.Jolie proves that she is not only a "goodwill ambassador" but a poor and refugee ambassador and her visit to the Za 'atari refugee camp in Jordan, only as a "humanitarian value" rarely found in most people. Expressed its dissatisfaction with what was happening in Syria, and felt grateful to Jordan and other
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