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Snivelization Herman Melville descibe the United States as a “snivelization”. The word “snivel” means to speak or act in a whinning, sniffling, tearful, and weakly manner. What he means by “snivelization” is that we as citizens complain too much and whine too much. I agree with this statement, saying that we Americans are a Snivelization. Not many people have sued someone in a their lifetime. However, sueing others for our own problems is what makes America a snivelization (“The McDonalds’ Coffee Case”). An example of this is the story of the woman who sued McDonald’s for her hot coffee spilling in her lap, which then she recieved third degree burns. She proceded to sue for twenty-thousand dollars and she recieved one-hundred and sixty thousand dollars. After this happened McDonald’s added the caution hot onto the top of the lids. Spilling a cup of coffee that you should’ve known was hot, and sueing someone else for it is what makes America a snivelization. Falling down a hill and breaking your leg…show more content…
Meanwhile others complain about having to do hard work. Kids in school complain about having to do homework out side of class and not wanted to put in the effort but want a good grade. Another example would be like people not want to get up to get paper that was printed. Some hard work isn’t even hard work at all, maybe a kid tries to throw a bottle from 5 feet away and misses they don’t want to get out of there seat and get it. When others complain about hard work and some work thats not even hard at all, that makes America a snivelization. America is a snivelization. Sueing others for our own problems, over exaggerating problems, and complaining about having to work hard. We could change Herman Melvilles’ thoughts about the US being a snivelization by not complaining about every little thing that happens to ourselves, by doing the hard work and at the end of the day you’ll feel good about what you have
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