Example Of Structuralism In Literature

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Structuralist criticism: Structuralism is a philosophical approach to the meaning of structures of the human cultural system. It has been using in different ways in all sciences and the anthropology. They tried to attempt the way of how human form and shape their intellectual system to describe the meaning and significant result of it. For Barton, the structuralism is not historical but it is logical, and the reason why the study of the Bible through the structuralism has two reasons. The first reason is, "disappointment and disillusionment with the traditional historical-critical method" (pg. 105). Scholars study the Bible through text-oriented criticisms but they we did not get the contentment. The second point is there is an awareness in traditional approaches of the bible but it is important to studies with its wider literary world. In structuralism, language is the basic important to study. It was found in the work of Ferdinand de Saussure. Language and its meaning are important, and traditionally linguist discovers to the history of language to study the meaning of its. According to Saussure, meaning has it tasks of joining within the linguistic convention of any given language of its particular time. We cannot know what the meaning of is given language if we do not know its contrast word in the language system or structure it is part of. He gives us many examples of it. One of his examples is the term we use "red" instead of scarlet or crimson. We cannot understand
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