Example Of Teen Activism

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Teen Activism. There are many teens in the world who are teen activists. You can be a activist. You can help out the neighborhood, the community, the city, and even the world. But you’ll have to be prepared for the hard work that comes with it. The definition of teen activism is teens help out the community and the environment. In this essay, you will learn about the hard work teen activists have to put in. They have to raise awareness for their cause, they would have to find time, and they have to find and utilize resources. One example, of activists raising awareness for their cause, is that it the article, “Turning E-Waste Into E-Treasure,” by InspireMyKids, says that Alex Lin will go through all of the old computers that will come into…show more content…
One example of this is, Alex Libby. He had used his T-Shirt that said “I stand for the silent.” He had also had made the film, “The Bully Effect,” to spread the word about bullying. He had made the document “Bully,” that made him a hit. This would help spread the word about bullying. Another person that utilized their resources, is Emily-Anne Rigal. She used facebook, and attempted to make the “bully button.” She had also created the website “WeStopHate,” according to “Anti-bullying activist spreads message of kindness,” by Nia McMillan, she had wanted to prevent more suiciding because of cyberbullying. She used these resources to help her reach her goal. Next example, is Faye Carey. According to, “Teenage girl is dogs’ best friend,” “So I advertised him on TradeMe and he got a lot of interest and he went to a lovely home in Auckland.” This website had helped Faye get the puppies a home. She had also used facebook, to have people aware of the puppies that don’t have a home. One last person who had used her resources, was Malala. To raise money to build schools, she had created the website called, The Malala Fund. She had used this so people could donate their money to help build the schools that kids need. She had also written the book, “I Am Malala.” This could of helped people learn about her cause, so it is almost like “advertising” it. All of these, teen activists show their hard work through the resources that are available to them. In conclusion, to be a teen activist, you are going to have to work really hard. You have to raise awareness for their cause, they would have to find time, and they have to find and utilize resources.YOU COULD BE THE NEXT BIG ENVIRONMENTAL
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