Example Of The Holocaust

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History Assignment: Stage: Example of the Holocaust Symbolization Jews had to wear the star of David. Pink stars to homosexuals. Black triangles to gypsies. Jehovah’s witnesses Purple triangles Criminal Prisoners were Green. This refers to the people on the concentration camps. Swastikas to those who were on his side. Symbols of hate, humanity and hope which is also known as the “3 H’S”. Hate: the Swastika was a symbol for hatred for people who didn’t support Hiltler. It also stads for what the Nazi’s supported such as finding a scapegoat e.g Jews for the lose of world war one. But for many other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Odnism the Swastika was a sign for good luck and fortune which also shows that Hitler took something that was good and turned it in to something people hated. Humanity: bread with soup symbolizes the good side of humanity. Your religion was a sign of religion. Hope was lost as as a prisoner at the concentration camp. The most hopeful sight was if the the U.S went over the camp with a goal to liberate the camp. Butterflies were also a sign of hope to children who were dying. Classification: People were classified according to their religious beliefs as well as their emotional traits. They were also classified according to their skin colour. The Master Race was you had to have fair skin blue eyes and blonde hair. People who didn’t make the categories of a the Aryan Race were known as “ Subhuman”. Jews were considered as
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