Examples And Disadvantages Of Time Management

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Time Management: Are You Making these 3 Major Time Management Mistakes?
By Nickolove Lovemore
Oct 20, 2008
Time management is becoming an ever increasing concern for business owners and entrepreneurs today. Even employees are increasing feeling the strain because as a result of down-sizing and lay-offs people are expected to achieve more in less time.

However, because of poor time management skills, business owners, entrepreneurs and employees are falling far short of what they could and should be accomplishing. This reduced productivity leads to increased stress and massive loss in profits.

Good time management can result in the success of a business. Poor time management can not only result in poor performance, it can result in the overall failure of a business.

Thomas Edison said:

"Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can 't afford to lose."

He was right.

The 3 major mistakes in time management that many people fall victim to are as follows:

1. Multi-Tasking

Many people are proud multi-taskers but studies have proven that multi-tasking is inefficient.

When you split your focus across many projects nothing benefits from your full undivided attention. Consequently:

~ You make more mistakes.

~ It takes you longer to complete a particular task.

~ It takes you longer to see the fruits of your labour.

It is more effective to prioritise your projects and set aside a dedicated block of time to work solely on that project.
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