Examples Of A Baseball Narrative

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Baseball Narrative “Honey how are your ribs?” My mother asked me. “What happened?” My friend Ryan questioned me. I was watching the Marlins Baseball team play while I was sitting in a Hospital. “Do you really want to know? It is a long story,” I asked Ryan. “Carlos, I want to hear every bit of it,” Ryan told me. This is the story about me, Carlos, a 12 year old kid from Miami who broke his ribs. It was just yesterday, and my soccer team was playing the best team in the state. It was very hot outside; around 100 degrees. We came to the field ready to play, but so were they. It was a tough fought game, and by halftime the game was scoreless, 0-0. Are coach was mad at us at half and thought we had a couple chances to score. Right out of halftime, we let up an easy goal. They were going crazy for taking the lead 1-0. For almost the rest of the game, they played possession. Pass, after pass, after pass. This got very annoying. But, with seconds left, they made a miscue and as a forward, I sprinted in and stole the ball with only the keeper left. I wound up for the shot, and out of nowhere their defender came from behind and took me out with a slide tackle. The last thing I remembered was seeing the referee reach for his back pocket. Then I passed out.…show more content…
I looked down at my leg to then see a cast. It turns out in the incident I had a broken ankle, but then was knocked out by a heatstroke. The doctor said I would be okay and get my cast off in one
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