Examples Of A Corrupt Society In The Great Gatsby

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Corrupted society F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is one of the novel demonstrates the American dream in the 1920s society of many people who yearn for an ideal life. In nowadays, the word American Dream is still applied in the society, many people work hard for money, which they also throw off their happiness. Gatsby, the main character, who was born destitute, believes that one day he would be accepted as a part of American’s social elite. Daisy, a woman whom Gatsby loves, represents the elite world to him. Gatsby overwhelms his old society from a lonely boy in the Midwest to the most popular man in New York. His achievements represent an aspiration of the American Dream. Although, Gatsby has come far from where he starts, all of his achievements lead him to unhappiness. …show more content…

She was born with wealth and married to an old money; therefore, she does not need to pursuit for money like Gatsby. Gatsby sees Daisy as a perfect life in the American’s elite society. He tries to push himself to be in the equal status as Daisy. As Gatsby pursuit his dream, he is able to reach in the standard of the American Dream with wealth through his illegal businesses, which made him as rich as Daisy. Gatsby always throw enormous parties that are full of flamboyance to demonstrate his wealth and attention from other Americans. However, his parties never bring a satisfied life to him, as he cannot lure Daisy to fall in love with

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