Examples Of A Haunted Orsell's Letter Coming Home

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These this events haunted Orsell as he tried to finish his time in the army. In the letter dated September 23,1863, he continued to write about how he longs to come home. “You know not the aspirations that fill my breast, the longing I have for this rebellion to be put down that I may, if spared, return to the warm and beating hearts, the fond embrace, the happy smiles awaiting me in the home I have left.” This was a normality in all of his letters, he kept telling Olivia that he cannot wait to come home and that every waking moment he thought about being home with her and their family. On October 13, Orsell and the 44th New York crossed the northern bank Rappahannock River with the Third Brigade with the orders to intercept Lee’s army at
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