Examples Of Abortion Speech

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Good morning all,

I am a fourteen year old male, of whom has passionate opinions regarding controversial and vitally important issues that are taking place in today's society. I am here this morning to give you all a speech, regarding the legalization of abortion. I will be telling each and everyone of you why abortion should, without any hesitation, be legalized. This is not restricted to women of which unfortunately have health issues or who were raped, it applies to every single women, regardless of their circumstances.

The first point of which I would like to make is that without abortion, there is a potentially huge risk on the mother's future, but also child's future. Without abortion, the mother and child both have the possibility
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Lamentably, there are countless stories of males walking out of relationships, when they find out their significant other is pregnant. At this point, not only has it made the soon to be mother realize that said man wasn't right, but also that she doesn't want to face parent-hood by herself. Unfortunately, in many countries where abortion is totally illegal, or can only take place when one's life is at risk or has been raped, the mother will be forced into being a single parent. This is completely unfair. The mother thought she would have the support, both emotionally and possibly financially, of her significant other, however when this is taken, she has no choice but to do it without the support anymore. This must be changed, it is not right for anyone to face this if they don't want to. In 2008, "84.3% of all abortions were performed on unmarried women." This was in America, where abortions are legal without any exceptions. The amount of women in other countries, where not wanting to be a single parent is not a reason to get an abortion, having to have children is preposterous. Can you really say to yourself that women should be forced into being a single parent, when they simply don't want to be
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