Examples Of Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm

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Power can be a wonderful thing, which leads to success. On the other hand, misusing it can lead to corruption, depending on who is handling it. George Orwell in his book Animal Farm uses animals to show that humans abuse their power. The most significant topic in the novel is the abuse of power that keeps happening again and again. When unconstructive human qualities take over what is really important and overcome one's ability to govern competently, power is corrupted. Power is shown in Animal Farm when the animals start to revolt and take charge of the farm by themselves. The animals started rules for themselves that everyone had to follow, they all believed that “whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy” (Orwell 33). Basically everything …show more content…

In the book, Napoleon’s power could of been used for the greater good, but he decided to use it for the opposite. Most of the time when someone has a lot of power they can abuse it and “if [they] can abuse [their] power [they] have too much" (Rubin). During the Rebellion it was good that the pigs stepped up and took leadership. Although, Napoleon shouldn’t of had as much as he did and it wasn’t right of him to kick out Snowball just to get more fame on the farm. There’s always going to be at least one person in our lifetime that gets obsessed with the attention and starts to abuse all the power they have to receive more, even if it isn’t the correct thing to do. A lot of people have power but there are different types of power and “those who have true power share it, while those who hunger power abuse it" (Ambrose). As we can see Napoleon was hungry for power and only wanted it to gain fame for himself. He could of used it to direct the rebellion and make sure everyone was doing their jobs but instead he blamed all of the terrible things he did on Snowball and everyone turned against the pig that was trying to lead the farm the right way. The power that Napoleon received hurt the farm by making all the animals starve. Whenever he was in charge it constantly hurt the farm each time. There’s a saying that says the bigger they are,the harder they fall, well “the greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse" (Burke). Since his

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