Examples Of Acceptable Love In Romeo And Juliet

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The Unacceptable Love The love story that shows how love is impossible between the boy and the girl who are from the two families which are the enemies in Verona. Lots of troubles and problems come from their love issue. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare, the story about unacceptable love of Romeo and Juliet. Eventhough Romeo and Juliet know that their love is unacceptable for many reasons, but they still continue their love’s passion.

First, Romeo and Juliet come from the families that hate each others. Including, their family are enemies which is Romeo comes from Montague, he is the son of Lord Montague and Lady Montague. Juliet comes from Capulet, she is the daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet. For this reason, their families loathe each others as like almost every time they get to see each others, they usually have a fight or revile. For
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Lord Capulet who also known as Juliet’s father, wants to make all Capulets happy from the grief of Tybalt’s death by using Juliet. But Juliet does not want to follow Lord Capulet’s order. Which is married to Paris, even it will be the good news for all Capulets. Juliet doesn’t want to marry Paris because she loves Romeo and both of them are already married by Friar Lawrence. So Juliet finds the way to avoid the wedding by Friar Lawrence’s helping. He has the plan for Juliet to avoid this wedding. Unfortunately, for this plan, Juliet makes Romeo has to break the law. Such as Juliet drinks the portion that makes her appear as the death. Then Friar sends John to give this plan to Romeo to come back to Verona and escapes with Juliet. But because of misunderstanding and John cannot make it to Mantua, Romeo realizes that Juliet is actually died instead. So he comes back with the poison to Verona to die beside his love, Juliet. Thus, Romeo breaks the law due to he is banishing from Verona and must stay in
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