Emerson And Thoreau: Movie Analysis

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Cool hand Luke, wild beast, crazy handful of nothing, natural born world shaker, hard case, original, these were all of the names Luke was given throughout the movie. What was it that made the difference of the names so drastically different? Well, as a non-conformist, Luke has been through a lot of ups and downs and I will be trying to explain his actions mainly based on the essays of Emerson and Thoreau. There was a scene from the movie where Luke was being put into the box after the death of his mother. Luke’s boss tells him that he is putting Luke in the box only because it is his job, and therefore needs to do what he is told. Luke replies that calling it his job does not make it right. This line pricked me because I felt like I was just like the boss. I do things that I believe aren’t…show more content…
The displeasures in life may include punishments and the feeling of isolation from society. It is clear in the movie that Luke feels as if he doesn’t know where he fits in. But this isn’t the only displeasure he feels. He is forced to change by his captain and bosses who wanted to make his “mind right”. In my understanding, to have a right mind is to be submissive to the given rules. Since Luke finds it hard to conform, he is always punished in several different ways, but these punishments never seem to bother him. There is a scene near the end of the movie, where he is given a punishment that eventually made him give up. He pleaded to stop the punishment. Screaming to stop the bosses from hitting him telling them that he finally has his mind right. Although it was only for a short while, he acted as if he was conforming. Even if Luke was getting tired of being punished, he makes his last attempt to do as he feels and runs away. His continuous acts of rebellion against the prison showed that he wasn’t afraid to take
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