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The definition of fearless is lacking of fear. Fear is being afraid of something or someone is going to cause pain or grief. There are so many words to that could be used to descride someone that is fearless. Many people who are fearless have embraced their fears to overcome them. Sometimes people face their fears because they are selfless. Adam Brown was selfless and fearless. Adam Brown was selfless because he gave his life up so others could live happily. Adam got a bad drug addiction then he got his life back together. He joined the Navy and became a Navy seal. Adam was not afraid to scarifice. He lost his eye in training, but yet he still went on to serve several tours. He over came many obstacles. How did Adam become fearless? He seeked out teachers. When Adam started to battle his drug addiction he seeked out his long time friend.…show more content…
He tackled his drug addiction with the help of his family and friends. Adam’s dad got him arrested because he had a warrant out for him. Page 65 “there’s a warrant out for your arrest. We’ve called the Sheriff. It’s time for you to face what you’ve done.” said Larry. After this, Adam served forty-five days in a detention center then went to rehab. Before rehab Adam became a believer in Jesus Christ. . It was the best thing Adam could have done. On Adam’s last mission before he dies. His seal team was being shot up by someone through a near by window. Anyone who stepped out to throw a grenade in the window would get shot up by the person in it. No one in the team would step out to throw a grenade in it. Adam volunteered to throw the grenade. He tackled the objective when no one else would step up to do it. This was an act of bravery and it took a great amount of bravery to step out into the gunfire. To be brave, you must be fearless. Adam was very brave, and never backed down from a challenge. It took a great amount of selflessness to step out into gun fire so his teammates wouldn’t get shot

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