Examples Of Adultery In The Great Gatsby

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Adultery- In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne Commits adultery. Once she has committed she gets shamed for life. Adultery is also a very important point throughout the story. It shows how it can wreak havoc on anyone’s life. The society doesn’t handle Adultery well. Adultery is also a key point in many of the Puritan society of those days.

Betrayal- In A Raisin in the Sun, Walter is betrayed many times. Walter took his mom’s check thinking he could make some good money for his family by starting a business, then his friend betrayed him and took off with the money. Walter was very hurt but he learned from his lesson. From betrayal he became a better person and closed his circle of friends greatly.

Clever- In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is very clever and precise in his actions. He always had a plan, just like the plan on luring Daisy back to him. He is also clever because his bootlegging scheme has not been sabotaged yet. His parties are also very clever because he has never been seen at his own parties. …show more content…

All he wanted was a fancy house and car and a good wife. In the end his jealousy and greed get the best of him. This proves that the American Dream was unattainable in the 1920’s. This also shows the gap between rich and poor.

East Egg- In The Great Gatsby, East Egg represents real aristocracy. It symbolizes “old money” which is an inheritance. Many people from the East Egg have extreme arrogance and are just so snobby. This perfectly describes two people who live in East Egg, Tom and Daisy. They view the West Egg as not as fancy.

Faithful- In The Crucible, Rebecca and John are both faithful. Rebecca was faithful to her god and she would not confess. John Proctor stood firm in his values and would not confess because he was so faithful to his values and his wife, Elizabeth. If there was no faith in the plot, Abigail would have had way more

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