The Importance Of Adversity In Horace's Purple Hibiscus

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In life some children grow up without the resources that others have, which can be material Items or mother or father or even physical attributes these people grow up in most of the time they become successful being able to acquire the things that they were given his kids. This connects Horaces statement because the adversities of growing up with a lack of resources which caused a talent to be elicited and caused a positive change in the people.In the book Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,the characters Father Amadi,papa,mama,Aunty Ifeoma,Jaja,and Kambili Adversities that elicit positive changes and have them pull the adversity elicit which was stated by Horace.Kambili faces the most adversity in the book proven by the fact that…show more content…
In the beginning of the book Kambili was afraid of sharing certain feelings she had for Father MAadi with others but now after her adversities she has grown into a confident, strong person who isn 't afraid to share her feelings. In the book Purple Hibiscus, Kambili elicit new qualities which express the character trait of powerful, confident, and expressful. In the book she states “...we got into his car and I said, “I love you.” He turned to me with an expression that i never seen, his eyes almost sad.” This shows growth in Kambili and proves Horace’s statement that adversities brings out the strength in kambili because she didn 't hesitate to express herself. That isn’t the only time kambili has shown growth because when she was getting baptized and it seemed as though she was enlightened and happy.After being baptized she stated “A shiver ran across me and i felt goose bumps appear on my arms.I cried afterwards.”This proves horaces statement because she felt she was following the wrong religion to just make her father proud and happy but now she notices she should follow her own beliefs, and this change in her actions were caused by the adversities kambili has faced
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