Natural Sources Of Air Pollution Essay

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Air pollution started in the early days when man created the first fire, but back then pollution was comparatively small or very low and could be handled by nature. For hundreds of thousands of years ago there has been fires that produced smoke that had the potential to cause air pollution, there has been volcanos that produced smoke, co2, sulphur dioxide and other air pollutants. And civilization made its debut, then that is when the problem occurred and nature could no longer be able to handle air pollution.
Air pollution is the introduction of particles, biological molecules or other harmful materials into the earth’s atmosphere causing diseases, death to humans, damage to other living organisms such as crops or the natural or even the built environment [1]. Air
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Natural sources of air pollution
• An example of natural air pollution can be found from the smoking hills found in the wilderness of the Canadian Arctic. The local environment around the smoking hills is virtually uninfluenced by humans. It occurs naturally due to low-grade coal deposits found in the area have spontaneously ignited from time to time, causing the release of clouds of sulphur dioxide over the nearby tundra. Those gasses are carried to the surface, soil and freshwater, and they become acified.
• When a volcano erupts it releases gasses like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide, and also releases solid material and all those are dangerous to the human health to an extent that mortality can occur and also plants and animals can be harmed by the substances and solid materials.
• Geysers produces hydrogen, arsenic and heavy metals.
• Digestive gasses digestion from animals like cattle produces gasses like methane.
• Dust from deserts and other areas with little or no vegetation, cause air pollution during windy days or seasons.
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