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Alice in Zombieland

You can't choose your family, Ali knows that more than anyone. Her dad was “crazy” and had very strict rules when the sun went down. Ali was never allowed outside in the dark. She lived in a house near a cemetery with her mother, father, and sister named Emma. She loved her family but her dad's rules of not going out after dark were annoying to her… Until she could finally understand why he had those rules. In the book “Alice in Zombieland” written by Gena Showalter Ali goes through loss after loss and she has a very chaotic life after the crash.

The author uses a bunny shaped cloud to represent the day of the crash and the cloud keeps appearing and Ali thinks it means that there will be a car crash at first but
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She could see them when the crash happened which meant she had to watch her family be eaten by the zombies when they crashed, and she had to not only watch that but run to safety and ended up having to live with her grandparents after the crash which killed all of her family, the worst part is she is the reason they left the house and got into the car and she was the one that survived. She had to go to a different high school and met a bunch of slayer kids, soon she became one and met her best friends Kat, Reeve, Poppy, and Wren (Poppy and Wren leave her when she becomes a slayer).

These connect because the bunny cloud represents the night she got the ability to see the zombies, and also represents the crash which explains her fear of losing people. She has dealt with the deaths of all of her family members in the story except her grandmother who is the only one who lasts throughout the story with her. She deals with constant loss of slayers and the bunny cloud has been disappearing in the end of the story which to me is sad because that's the only way she is connected to her sister. The cloud is linked directly to her abilities to slay the zombies, and also to her
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