Examples Of Alienation In Frankenstein

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The monster is a novel that tries to provide answers to questions that have been able to confuse the author and readers. Published in 1818, the novel is famous for the rich ideas that challenges the mankind’s knowledge and its probability to be used for the good and evil motives, how the uneducated people in the society have been able to be treated over time in the society and in understanding the influence of the advancement in technology have been able to affect mankind. The novel is about Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant scientist who tries to work out the meaning of life. He works in the laboratory and tries to create a creature out of organs of a dead man and manages to create a monster.
The novel have been able to implore into the role that the society plays in creating social identity and systemic structures. Victor experiences alienation all through his life. His goal in life thus is to understand the miracles in the world. His entire life is being spent on creating a monster who would help him in understanding the meaning of life. Victor, however is not aware of the consequences of doing so. His stay in the University is marked by his alienation from
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The creature is disliked by people because of its hideous character. For the creature, it finds this experiences painful since he loves people and would like to be incorporated into the way of life of people. He wants to be loved, his numerous attempts to fit into the life and the way of life of human beings makes it realizes that it won’t be loved and accepted. His first experiences with the society are where it opens its eyes and is finds out that Victor is scared. The creature finds itself in an awkward situation where he is left alone by someone who created him. Like a small child, the creature finds himself asking questions like his origin and who he because he was left in an enormous
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