Examples Of Alienation In The Metamorphosis

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Authors often write stories with a meaning bigger than what is stated. “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka is no exception. Kafka tells a story about a man named Gregor Samsa who wakes up in bed as a bug. Throughout the story, he is treated poorly and disrespected in multiple ways. While someone turning into a bug may not be realistic, it represents much more that since the theme is not explicitly stated in the story. However, using Gregor’s thoughts and actions allows the reader to interpret the theme. Kafka uses Gregor and the changes of other characters as a symbol to convey the theme that alienation can cause people to feel disconnected from their lives.
In the midst of the novella, it can be seen that Gregor is kept in his room from the rest of his family and previous life. However, earlier in the book his family and the chief clerk were desperate for him to open the door. Despite their desperation, they end up locking him in the room, almost like a prisoner, after seeing the change Gregor went through. “Now that he had opened up one of the doors and the other had clearly been unlocked some time during the day, no-one came, and the
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At the beginning of the novella, it can be seen that Gregor notices his transformation into an insect. Unlike the expected reaction, he wakes up and is aggrieved over being late to work, since he is the only source of money in his family. Whenever Gregor overhears his family talking about anything money or job related, he feels guilt for not being able to do his job. “Whenever they began to talk of the need to earn money, Gregor would always first let go of the door and then throw himself onto the cool, leather sofa next to it, as he became quite hot with shame and regret.” (Kafka 24) Kafka includes this quote to not only express Gregor’s emotions, but to express the theme that guilt is often found as disrespectful and can be
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