Examples Of Allegory In Gulliver's Travels

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Gulliver’s Travel is the book which was written by Jonathan Swift on 28th October 1726. The fact that this book is known by almost all the English readers shows its popularity and the appreciation towards Swift’s works so in the history of literature this book is considered one of the best. In spite of merely telling a story, with the help of the main character Lemuel Gulliver who goes through several adventurous journeys, Jonathan Swift satirizes the human nature in general and particularly attacks Whig party. Apart from satire and fantasy, Gulliver’s Travel represents travelogue, allegory and science fiction. The genre of travelogue is presented throughout the story. Gulliver’s travel has four different parts and each part has its own ambiance. The main protagonist Lemuel Gulliver…show more content…
An allegory is a symbolic representation, which can be interpreted both in literal and figurative meaning. Some of the allegorical examples shown by the Swift are, when the qualification of government officials in Lilliputians depends on how high they can jump over a rope which in reality does not makes any sense for the selection of politicians. So this is a Swift way of saying how people were so obsessed with power during that time that they can do anything to attain what they want. The politician were so cunning, they made such a complicated rules that common people had no choice but to adhere to that rules. When Gulliver reaches at the land of Lilliputs, though he was a giant amongst them still then Lilliputs mistreated him and he did whatever the Lilliput’s told him to do as he was grateful for giving him the food. This shows how upper class people of England who are preoccupied with appearance and power dominated common people. Where as in Brobdingnag, though he was nothing more than a little animal he was still taken cared by Glumdalclitch and even the queen was being kind to

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