Examples Of Allegory In The Christmas Carol

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The Christmas Carol
The Christmas carol is an allegory that provides many messages and morals that show the problems faced by society. The author Charles dickens delivered many messages by using characters and settings that showed the many comparison of the many problems we face today.
Throughout the story dickens use characters such as scrooge, Fred, the ghost of Christmas Past, And also ignorance and greed, to share with the public.

Scrooge is a character who is pictured as a rich greedy old man that only cares about his well- being rather the other less fortunate that is surrounded by him. Dickens used scrooge as a symbol of the privileged and elegant members of society, who are careless about the misfortune and the poor. Dickens also
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Throughout the story scrooge was visited by ghost of Christmas past, present, future. the three ghost arrived to teach him many life lessons that would later change his life for the better.
The ghost of Christmas past is shown to be a younger scrooge that shows him as a young school boy who had a simpler life back then, in my opinion I think scrooge was visited from the past because he hadn’t learned from his past. The allegory of the ghost of Christmas past represents the past memory and how we should learn how your past can effect greatly how you are as a person. I also think that scrooges sister dying has a great effect on how his life went down hill.
The ghost of Christmas present represents charity, empathy, and the Christmas spirit; the ghost of Christmas present is a large man who shows scrooge the importance of how other people celebrate Christmas and he takes scrooge through the along the bustling city on Christmas morning, that is when goes to the home of Mr.Cratchit where he sees that even though he’s going

throughstruggles of money he still is thankful for what he had even though it wasn’t very
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