Examples Of Allegory In The Crucible

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A play based on the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible, is in fact an allegory to the Red Scare. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is told in way that shows his criticism towards McCarthyism. Arthur Miller explains how the Salem Witch Trials became in his play. The Crucible is about a group of teenage girls accusing innocent people in the town of Salem. However, the innocent people in the town of Salem are referred to the hundreds being accused of communism during Red Scare. An allegory resembling The Crucible is a play that symbolizes the atmosphere of Salem to that during the McCarthy era, in addition to the comparison of the trials and hearings, along with characters from the play representing people from the event of the 1950s. According to The Crucible and the McCarthy era, the people left fear over role. In the play the people of Salem feared a witch because the town of Salem’s religious was Puritan. Puritans didn’t believe in anything that didn’t have to do with the church or the worship of God, therefore that’s why the town of Salem panicked over witches because they believed they devoted the devil. In comparison to the fear of withes in The Crucible, throughout …show more content…

Examples are Abigail Williams, who portrays Senator McCarthy. Once Abigail is accused for being thought of as a witch, she turns it around, lying to the town to benefit from the crisis. Then Abigail decided that she wanted to be with John Proctor, who was married to Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail knew she had to get rid of Elizabeth; therefore she accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft. Abigail does what she thinks will make her happy by accusing Elizabeth, thinking it will give her what she desires. In addition to this, Abigail’s actions are comparable to Joseph McCarthy in which he was scared of losing control that he made counterfeit claims of communist people to gain

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