Examples Of Allegory In The Crucible

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Throughout the 1950’s, there was a threat of Communism taking over America called the Red Scare. Arthur Miller concluded to write an allegory for the Red Scare and make it into a play. The play exemplifies bits and pieces of the Red Scare. During this period of time, people were being accused of being communist. Everyone was blamed and no one was safe. Back in 1692, witchcraft was a very popular topic of conversation. Witchcraft became so bad in a town by the name of Salem. The Salem Witch Trials became very popular and lead many people to their death. Girls were caught dancing in the woods and was accused of doing witchcraft. By the end, everyone was accused of witchcraft and many people were executed. An allegory is a story that can be interpreted to…show more content…
Giles Corey and the Hollywood Ten were both punished publicly. In the play, Giles was killed in front of many people. For everyone that was accused for witchcraft, they were hanged in the middle of the town for people to watch. The people that were put on the blacklist were publicly punished because they could not get hired due to the threat of communism. The people were humiliated in front of everyone because they used the 5th amendment and decided to not answer anything they were asked. Therefore, we know that Arthur Miller used the accusations and punishments in the play, to symbolize the Red Scare. During the Red Scare, there were many accusations, people, punishments, and trials. Arthur Miller, author of The Crucible, wrote this play as an allegory to demonstrate what happened back in the 1950’s with the spread of Communism. Arthur Miller wanted to talk about the Red Scare and used the Salem Witch Trials to explain what happened through an allegory. The Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials are very similar. The hysteria in both scenarios controlled how humanity acted and was very atrocious for the
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