Examples Of Allusion In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about a dystopian society and how in their society books are neglected and burned. How he conveys these emotions or moment in the book by using lines from other books called allusions. Allusions are used to express how people feel in the moment of the book. Authors use allusions because it makes it easier for people to connect to the book and you get the sense of what is happening in the book. Bradbury uses it in Fahrenheit 451 because the book is complex and harder to understand so he uses allusions for the reader to get a better understanding of what is going on and what the situation is. He discusses many subjects in the book. Three of the subjects are rebirth, knowledge vs. foolishness, and truth.
Rebirth is a process of
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After Beatty throwing away a book when he saw Montag. He alludes to "who are little wise, the best fools be" from Triple Fool by John Donne (101). Beatty says this because he is calling Montag a fool saying like you think you know more than everyone you’re a fool thinking that. This allusion helps to understand even if you know things you’re a fool you have to master it. Beatty is saying different lines from different books and its confusing Montag. He says one that relates to knowledge verses foolishness, "Sweet food of sweetly uttered knowledge" which was written by Sir Philip Sydney (102). This allusion fits in because when you get knowledge you taste the satisfaction of knowing that, but the fools don’t get the satisfaction of knowing knowledge, they miss out. They all know what they are told and never get to learn or grow. Mildred is always foolish when Montag is saying he should quit his job because he saw a lady burn in the morning and she say the lady was "simple minded" when the lady got the time to think and taste knowledge (48). They never knew the truth that they could learn more and that there was life more than the
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