Examples Of Allusions In Hamlet

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Elizabethan Era was lively engulfed when William Shakespeare was born. In that time, William Shakespeare used the language that was used and known to write his plays. For a teenager in the twenty-first century, the allusions cannot be understood properly. The play, Hamlet, was written in a form that not many can understand because of the language that has developed throughout the years. These problems can be fixed. Fixing the allusions in Hamlet can help, creating a more modern effect. If these allusions are updated to Termagant and King Herod, it would make a more effective target for a contemporary teenage audience. In the play, the main character Hamlet brought together Players for a performance he made called “The Mousetrap” to scan his uncle, King Claudius, during the performance and see if he would recognize guilt in his eyes. Hamlet wanted to be unquestionable about the murder of his father, King Hamlet. Before the show, Hamlet addressed himself to the First Player “I would have such a fellow whipped for o’erdoing Termagant.” (III.ii.1) This allusion develops theme because Hamlet points out that it hurts him to see an actor overdoing a scene that is full of passion. He emphasizes the allusion using Termagant which is a God that Christians did not believe in, but Muslims worshipped. Teenagers in the twenty-first century are…show more content…
The effectiveness would be higher if the allusions were updated to examples of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The individuals that are known and mentioned today have an impact that is recognized. In the Elizabethan Era, people created allusions that fit their time, going back to people they recognized. That is how it should be in the modern age, creating allusions recognizable to teenagers so that they can understand not just the play of Hamlet, but also other, older plays written by Shakespeare himself or other great writers from the
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