Examples Of Allusions In The Great Gatsby

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Biblical allusion is amongst the most common types of allusion. Writers use this type of allusion to endorse emotional reactions from the readers. An avid user of this writing style is Ernest Hemingway. In The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway alludes to Christianity a number of times, from the injury of the man’s hands to carrying a mast up a hill, one who has studied Christianity would have no trouble making these connections. Furthermore, another author that has included this allusion in their writing is F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald essentially creates a society based on Christianity. This is obvious as Gatsby’s entire life has been devoted to love, as well as symbols such as the eyes that are always watching and the way Gatsby is killed for love. An allusion that resembles the city lights in The Old Man and the Sea is the presence of a green light glowing in the distance that shifts depending on the situation. Do these two stories and the imagery within them focus on a Christ-like savior of mankind or something other? It is not unusual for authors to make reference to events, literature, and people of the past. Hemingway constantly alludes to christianity throughout the novel especially when referencing Santiago, the old fisherman,…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald there are many examples of biblical allusions, which are one the most common types of allusions. The authors’ both use clear imagery to create the idea of christianity in their books. Some examples of this are the lights, colors, and actions used to make connections to Christ and the bible itself. These books are not focused on “a savior of mankind,” but on the comparison of man and god. They also evoke the emotions felt by when they read a spiritual piece, especially if they have background on the subject. Finally, they want to explore the deeper meaning of determination and being
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