Examples Of Alternative Prosecution

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Alternatives to traditional prosecution is a key weapon that prosecutors have to use at there disposal for being mindful for criminals who have followed threw on court mandated conditions and give them simple sentences. There are many paths to alternative prosecution and the first path is Diversion. According to (The courts and criminal justice America) textbook, Diversion refers to any number of informal or programmatic methods of steering offenders out of the criminal justice system. Diverson path comes in four different versions in the criminal justice system. Examples of Diversion in the criminal justice is a traffic court judge allowing a driver to not be charged for a violation due to the driver having a clean history. Another example…show more content…
The goals of diversion is made into five different goals and that is, avoiding of negative labeling and stigmatization, the reduction of unnecessary social control and coercion, more reduction of recidivism, more provisions of service, and more reductions of the justice system costs. With the alternatives to tradition prosecution, the second path that is the pre charge diversion path. This diversion path is the diversion of an offender out of the criminal justice before he or she is charged. An example of the precharge diversion path is, a driver who completes a driver improvement clinic before his court date in exchange hoping to not losing any driving points or getting a fine. Another example is a criminal defendant pleading gulity to a charge in exchange getting probation or community service. With the alternatives to tradition prosecution, the third path is the deferred prosecution diversion. The deferred prosecution in diversion is stated as a delay in the actual in-court prosecution of an offender until the offender completes treatment or some other…show more content…
Judge didn’t feel that the offender should serve time based on his anger. Another step alternatives to traditional prosecution is post incarceration diversion. Post incarceration diversion is A structured treatment or program typically reserved for chronic low-level offenders immediately following their release from incarceration that is aimed at getting these offenders to stop committing crimes. An example of post incarceration diversion is, when they send juveniles to scared straight programs to get them to stop committing crimes. Another step alternatives to traditional prosecution is, deferred sentencing. Deferred sentencing is a twist on deferred prosecution that puts off sentencing instead of putting off charges. An example of deferred sentencing is an offender who is arrested for selling and using meth, and as a requirement they need to plead guilty to there charge and complete a court mandated treatment program. Along with the mandated treatment programs, the courts will expunged there charges as long as they complete it. Another step alternatives to traditional prosecution is, the Drug treatment alternative to prison
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