Examples Of Alternative World By Emily Dickinson

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Alternative worlds. ‘’Dickinson is a magician of the ordinary, her (feminine) ecriture images new spaces of freedom’’. Emily Dickinson was American poet born on December 10 , 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Her father was Edward Dickinson , a successful lawyer and civic leader and her mother, Emily Narcross who came from a prominent family. Emily Dickinson’s childhood was happy, she had warm relationships with her older brother, Austin and her younger sister, Lavinia. She studied at the Amherst Academy and a year at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. She grew to be an independent woman, she refused to join family and friends who professed their faith as part of the series of religious revivals known as the Second Great Awakening, which peaked in Amherst c. 1850. As the 1850s advanced, Dickinson became increasingly reclusive. She is known for her compressed and poignant verse . The strength of her literary voice, as well as her reclusive and eccentric life, contributes to the sense of Dickinson as an unforgettable American character. (http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/) R.P. Blackmur said that: ’’The greatness of Emily Dickinson’’ is not going to be found in anything outside the poem.’’ It is going to be found in the words she used and in the way she put them together’’.( Martin Wendy pg.16) John Crowe Ransom in an essay called “Emily Dickinson: A Poet Restored,” makes a difference between Emily Dickinson’s daily life as “a little home-keeping person”, uncomfortable around

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