Examples Of Altruism In The Martian

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In the novel, The Martian, a central theme of the power of human altruism remains a key role as the main, behind-the-scenes driving factor within the story. Though constant themes of isolation and perseverance are also present, it is important to realize that, without the benevolence and support of his colleagues, Mark Watney would never have survived on Mars. On top of this, the presence of altruism within each character persists throughout the entire book, from beginning to end.
From the beginning of the novel, several instances of human altruism already begin to appear. For example, the instant NASA learns that Mark Watney is still alive, all of the members at Mission Control already make it their mission to do all they possibly can to rescue their lost colleague. Knowing that the operation itself would cost the company a tremendous amount of money, postpone all of their previously planned missions, and force their workers to work around the clock, everybody working at the facility still truly believes it to be their only option. On top of this, the officials at NASA even publically announce this information during a press conference, as well
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Naturally, as soon as they reboarded the ascension vehicle, they become guilt-ridden that they had left one of their friends behind and have trouble coping with the loss. Then, the unthinkable happens, and the crew finds out that their missing crewmember is still alive. Now that they are given the opportunity to make a difference, the group instantly seize it and sacrifice all they can in order to save their lost comrade. Through the duration of their trip back home, the crew focuses all of their energy in planning a way they could rescue Mark, most of them either illegal or incredibly dangerous. Yet, they don't
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