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ALTRUISM: It is true because U comes before I Helping others in need or wanting to help someone in need, consciously or subconsciously, is something that society experience in everyday’s life. It can be opening a door for others, giving up seats in public transports or helping a blind man cross the road. It is common for humans to help others and expect something in return (Thomas Hobbes, 1651). However, in some instances, helping may not promise back a reward or benefits. It is plausible for one to help someone who is related to them genetically (e.g. father and son or sister and brother) but it is mystifying for one to help a complete stranger compassionately. With that, for many years, there have been numerous research and debates among…show more content…
Humans construct a self-concept of themselves that were pieced together over time (Mackie & Smith, 2007). Their behavior depends on free will of how they see themselves as. Ryan and Deci (2000) stated that people have different levels of motivation, which are based on the self-determination continuum. They are the extrinsic motivation, which means to perform a behavior avoiding negative situation such as criticisms or gaining something such as compliments and intrinsic motivation means to perform a behavior that is personally enjoyable and more willingly in the absences of rewards (Ryan & Deci, 2000). For example, someone who volunteers to make the world a better place, based on his or her moral values and cooperation is intrinsically motivated while someone who volunteers in charity works to gain credits or increase self-awareness is extrinsically…show more content…
As supported in the study of Boe and Ponder (1981), blood donors exposed to positive norms are more likely to have intrinsic motivation and also scored high on altruism scales. Individuals are able to find themselves become altruistic if they see other people being altruistic too (Spector & Klein, 2006). However, it is easily argued that if one were to be altruistic based on other people’s action, then that will be considered egoistic because we are simply doing what others are doing. But considering the fact that behaviors can be modified based on modeling, as mentioned above, therefore it is not egoistic. For example, Mary sees Jack helping others altruistically, Mary’s behavior will slowly become altruistic because she watched and learned from Jack. Later, Mary learned and understood the behavior of altruism, she can either continue to help others altruistically or revert back to her old self. But if Mary continued helping people after getting to learn about altruism and not because of Jack’s influence, it shows that she is genuine in wanting to help others. Mary had constructed her own self-concept. Hence, self-concept plays a part in constructing behavior leading to either intrinsic or extrinsic motivation to help

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