Examples Of Ambiguity

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She begins by asking the question "How do we create?" We all have intentions whenn we are faced with a situation, any situation. All of us have a response. We have intention, what we think we should do. There is ambiguity. What we actually do, and what we think we should do. Do we justify by saying my intentions were good? That is the ambiguity. You notice disturbing hints from the universe. When i identify the question, distill the hints, clues, there 's focus. When you are writing, those hints, those clues have always been there. They have been obvious, yet not been. You need a focus. When i have a question, random things,all the flotsam and jetsam, become relevant, become obvious. There is no coinicidence, serendipity, in which you are getting all this help from the universe, but may also explan it by saying you now have focus. This leads to the question "why i 'm here?" what is the meaning of my life, what is my place in the universe. We all hate moral ambiguity in some sense, yet it is necessary in writing a story. It…show more content…
And i also can find that by imagining fully and becoming what is imagined and yet is in that real world, the fictional world, and that is how i find particles of truth not the abosolute truth, or the whole truth. And they have to be in all possibilitise, including those i never considered or rather, if there is an answer, it is to remind myself that there is uncertainty in everything and that is good, because then i will discover something new. And if there is a partial answer, a more complete answer for me, it is to simply imagine. And to imagine is to put myself in that story, until there is a transparency between me and the story that i feel what is in the story, in one story, then i come the closest to the feeling compassion. Because for everything in that question of how things happen, it has to do with a feeling. I have to become the the story in order to understand a lot of

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