Examples Of Ambition In Frankenstein

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Some of the risks of ambition is that it could be a mistake for working yourself too hard or your achievement could just be your worst mistake. For example, in the book of Frankenstein victor was working to hard on his creation he was working day and night. When finally he finished and his work was done victor regretted in working on it because it didn't turn out the way he thought it would be. Also the risks of ambition is that one worlds too hard and sometimes it won't turn out the way the think it would turn out to be therefore it could be a waste of time as well. Another risk of ambition can cause rivalness like in the story. Victor and the monster has a rivalry going on due to victor abandoning the monster which made the monster mad. The monster got revenge on Victor many…show more content…
A benefit from ambition is that it can help you overcome some obstacles just like how victor had to do. Victor had to overcome many obstacles which was him needing to overcome the monster because there was so much conflict between them. For example, the monster made their servant Justine look like she was the murder when she really wasn't, the monster will always follow Victor and when Victor stopped on the second creation the monster said he would be there the day of his wedding night. So overcoming does obstacles helped Victor to be strong. Another risk of ambition is that having too much ambition can make you lose connection with your family because you're focusing too much on your achievement that you are not spending time with your family. For example ,Victor was gone for months and never sent any letter to his family which as very worried for him because they wouldn't hear from him for a very long time and victor lost connection with his family due to his ambition to finish his
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