Examples Of Ambition In The Great Gatsby

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“Realized Ambitions” The Great Gatsby, was an illustrious man of wealth, love, and popularity; Jay Gatz led an exciting and entertaining life. Gatsby’s dream of being with his lover Daisy came to a screeching halt as he was shot and killed, by George Wilson. Although Gatsby’s death was sad and tragic, he was a successful product of motivation and drive. Gatsby did what most men are not able to, and that is to realize his ambitions and die on a mountain of riches exerting the essence of a god. Jay Gatz had come from nothing really, and had earned everything he had whether it be through black market alcohol or through the war. Although Gatz seemed to have it all and then some, he did not have what he so desperately craved the most in the end, and this was Daisy. Daisy was Tom Buchanan’s wife, a rich fellow, but before she was wed to Tom, Daisy loved Gatsby, as she had met him before he had gone to the war, at the officers party her mother had thrown 5 years prior. Gatsby was a very achieved man, as mentioned before he had acquired large amounts of currency, through bootlegged alcohol. He was associated with Meyer Wolfsheim, and even showed Nick around one of the speakeasy clubs that he and Meyer Wolfsheim ran together, in attempt to lead Nick to invite Daisy over so Gatsby could be reunited with his once informal lover before the war. Gatsby had acquired enough money to pay for himself and 5 other men to live lavishly and never have to speak the word “work” ever again. He
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