Essay About American Dream

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The American Dream America has been a new and hopeful country for over 200 years. People have been coming to America for many reasons such as having a family or owning a business. The American Dream means something different to everyone, they may want to be able to provide for their family or have a better education, everyone is different, so everyone has a different American Dream. One example of someone who has achieved their American Dream is Ellen DeGeneres. She discovered her talents and used them to her advantage. She was able to get to where she is today through her talent and hard work. She went from living in New Orleans to hosting her own show in LA and having thousands of fans. Someone I personally know who has achieved their American…show more content…
My grandmothers name is Mary Ryan and she is originally from Garland Texas. She has a fraternal twin, one other sister, and a brother. She and her family moved to Hemphill Texas for nine months until the Oil Crisis of the 70’s happened and her father lost his business which caused them to move back to Garland. She attended North Garland High School, and when she graduated, she went to Richland College to study to become an electronics technician, but was unable to finish going to college and dropped out. After that, she got a job and an apartment. She worked a Vero Semiconductor and met my grandfather. They dated for two years and got married June 12, 1979. After that they bought their first house in Rockwall, Texas in 1981. They then had their first daughter on May 18, 1982 and on August 20, 1983 they had their final child, my mother. Then they moved to St. Louis in November 1985, and moved back to Texas in June 1994. My grandmothers American Dream was “to be a mother and own a house.” She has had that dream since she was a little girl. Some of the obstacles she faced was when her family was hit by the oil crisis of the 70’s and not being to finish college. She achieved her American Dream when she met my grandfather and they bought their house and when they had their last child. What I learned is that even though she was unable to finish college, she met her dream when she worked hard and overcame her
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