Swot Analysis Of Disney Movies

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American Multimedia Conglomerates
Although the US has faced stiff competition in media productions from other countries such as Japan, Britain and Germany, the country still wields majority control of foreign sales in the global communications. One trend of expansion of the American companies is through regional partnership, international joint ventures, or takeovers. For instance Time Warner controls CNN, HBO, Warner Music Group, AOL and many others while Disney controls ABC, ESPN, Miramax, Touchstone Pictures. Similarly another giant company, Viacom owns MTV, CBS, BET, and Showtime. News Corp also owns the Fox properties, Myspace as well as Wall Street Journal and finally, General Electric owns NBC and Universal pictures.
It is important
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It utilizes technology and marketing information to increase market shares annually.
Disney is the world largest media empire that was started in the early twentieth century and ever since it has been expanding its reach and with use of website its products can be purchased anywhere in the world directly from Disney. Disney is highly diversified communication conglomerate, ranging from broadcasting, feature films, Internet , theme parks, resorts, and Disney stores, which operate in hundreds of locations worldwide.
In order to play a successful game, the company learnt their mistakes of not adapting certain cultural differences which cost them dearly. For example, Disney Theme Park in France where the company wanted to impose their style while the natives resisted. They had to adjust to the demands of the culture they were operating
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The company now operates in six major communication sectors: cable, publishing, films music, broadcasting and the Internet with also a focus on International market
The company has major global interests ranging from Paramount Pictures, BET, and MTV which are particularly attractive to advertisers because of their global niche market. It has also strong publishing interests, syndication of television programming on various global satellite systems.
Other major companies with substantial interests include GE, Dow Jones, Gannet, Viacome, and Walmart.
Because the US is the leading core nation, these corporations have become aggressive in other core nations in both Europe and Asia. They have also expanded into semiperipheral nations because these nations represent substantial new markets where there is strong demand for US products. They represent a new customer base for all major US communication empires. The emerging markets, particularly Brazil, China and India, will grow faster than the more mature markets across core
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