Examples Of Amir's Tragic Flaw In The Kite Runner

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In The Kite Runner, Amir’s desperation for attention from Baba proves to be his most tragic flaw. Due to this, he becomes envious of Hassan and how Baba treats him. Amir’s most significant sin is treating Hassan differently because of this, with the excuse of him being a Hazara. Furthermore, Amir knows that saving Sohrab would be the only way to make it right with Hassan again. After taking the chance and risking his life, Amir redeems himself in the end. Overall, Amir is able to overcome and leave his most tragic flaw in the past. Amir began to view Hassan as his Hazara servant instead of a friend. When they ran into Assef for the first time together, Assef had asked Amir how he could call Hassan his friend. In the novel, Amir thought, “But
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