Examples Of Ancient Technology In Ancient Egypt

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Gabriel Cowart
Mr. Snyder
World Civ.
4 March 2018
Ancient technologies in Egypt
In my personal opinion Ancient Egypt was of the most interesting of the civilizations that we started from. This is because of the mystery associated with Egypt and all the ways they innovated with technologies such as agriculture, beauty and such. The way Egyptians did things seemed different from others. They created massive structures that out shadowed others in the world at the time. The things that they built would come to creation with much more advanced technologies and strategies. They did this to show power and to build great structures across their land. Usually the great pyramids and tombs were so advanced in creation because this is what they believed
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Around 2630 B.C. King Djoser asked his architect to create something for him that would be a monument to his life so he could live on forever and travel to the afterlife. This created what we call today, pyramids. They created pyramids to have monuments for those great kings and pharaohs. What this did was create a dynasty in the Land of the Nile a long time ago. They started the base to today’s building and architecture. I think they were the most advanced ancient civilization due to the fact that they had and have the greatest impact on our lives today in modern society.
The ancient Egyptian technologies and creations were the most beneficial for them back in those times. They also have the biggest impact on our society compared to other ancient civilizations. Some may say that this is a debatable fact but for myself I see this as the greatest dynasty and the greatest civilization to ever
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The ancient Egyptians were very smart. They invented certain things to make their life more comfortable and easy. They would create many things to make the most comfortable life as possible. So many things ranging from flat topped houses to wigs. This showed their superiority compared to other civilizations. The only downside is the creations of certain comfort items were only available to those in royalty. That created such a distinguished social class. I also believe that the social classes of Ancient Egypt were very enforced and created such good distinction for those to know their jobs and get their jobs done. When people do their jobs they create time. Time is the most important factor in these civilizations because if time is created then people will innovate and create so much more. This is what made Egypt such a great civilization. They had a lot of time on their hands to create a lot of great inventions and innovations. They were consistent in their work for the greater. While those of Mesopotamia and other civilizations of the time had written language, Ancient Egyptian writing was very extensive and required much focus and could describe things in very good detail. They originally created written language for the better and quickly evolved the language.
In the essence, Egypt had a very advanced society in the early Neolithic age and there of out. They created written language to
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