Examples Of Aphorism In Tuesdays With Morrie

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Rough draft Aphorisms and Tuesday's With Morrie

An aphorism is a simple and consist saying that proposes truth or opinion Since Tuesdays with Morrie was about an older man who was a college professor, living after being diagnosed with Als. Tuesday's with Morrie was full of aphorism that were about living your life to the fullest since that was one thing that Morrie not only did, but believed that everyone should do. Morrie was content with what he had and believed no matter how much or how little you had, if you didn't take the time to enjoy the ones you love or the ones that love you, you weren't living.

One aphorism that I believe relates to me and the story is "there is no such thing as too late in life". Morrie before he was diagnosed with als still believed this. He did things like dance that maybe a normal 60 year old wouldn't do, but it's never too late to do something you love. After being the effects of Als started to take over Morrie still answered letters because it's never too late to make someone's day. Lastly, Morrie met with Mitch every Tuesday. Morrie gave him life lessons and allowed Mitch to work through his problems because it's never too late to change a life.
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Weather it's the last sip of milkshake or your very existence, people tend to take things for granted until they're taken away from us. Just as a race, people have a hard time realizing how nice or easy something is until our perception changes by that something being taken away. Morrie was one person who never did this. He always saw everyday as a blessing and lived it too the fullest. This pro only explains why his life was so full of fun and excitement. Mitch thought like the rest of the world until listening to Morrie. Go to work, get money, eat, and go to bed. Mitch did this everyday until he realized even d he was wasting it all away which unfortunately is what most people

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