Examples Of Apparition In Macbeth

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Supernatural means manifestation or events considered to be of supernatural origin, such as ghost (Oxford Dictionary). There are many example of the supernatural-ghosts, apparitions, visions, etc… Many people believe in ghosts. These people believe in what a ghost says and it scares them because they think it is real. Other people do not believe in ghosts and certainly not in what it might say. Ghost are what the Devil uses to incriminate our minds. In Macbeth, the Three Witches bring up three apparitions that are meant to convince Macbeth to make bad choices. Macbeth is asking the Three Witches about his future as a King. The first apparition they show him is an armed head which was a warning to him. He told Macbeth that he should beware of Macduff. The apparition showed Macbeth he should be afraid of Macduff. Macbeth was so terrified that he went to attack his castle and sent a murderer to kill his sons. Macbeth thinks that Macduff was a traitor and had never been loyal to him. Macduff wanted to kill him, so he will not do any harm to the country (Shakespeare 63).…show more content…
He is being tested and is really trying to figure things out. The second apparition the Three Witches showed him was a child with a bloody face who came to him saying that he should beware of Macduff. That is very scary and I would have been terrified. Macbeth is getting all kind of signs in Act 4 which makes him doubt about killing Duncan. This bloody child gave him lots of confidence. He is told to be bold and fearless. He does not have to worry about Macduff and his tactics. Macbeth gets a lot of boldness. Any man that is born of a woman should be no threat to him. Macbeth gets hope and power that he will not be harmed and nobody will come near him. They are playing with his thoughts about him being untouchable (Shakespeare
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